LOTR Featured on Curbed Philadelphia: 15 major Delaware River Waterfront projects in the work

15 major Delaware River Waterfront projects in the works

3: This major multi-phase project has been in the works for some time by developer K4 LLC and architect Barton Partners. It covers 18 acres—almost all of the land between Washington Avenue and Reed Street—and will bring 10 residential high-rises, 100 townhouses, and one 22-story hotel.

The developers have applied for $44 million total in RACP state grants for the project. Meanwhile, a bill that would have allowed taller buildings to be constructed on the Delaware River waterfront has been delayed, with the developer planning to work with the neighborhood residents over the summer on the zoning bill and project’s plans. You can watch a video of the 3D renderings here.

Link: https://philly.curbed.com/maps/delaware-river-waterfront-projects-development-philadelphia/liberty-on-the-river

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